So, you need a mint website…..

We are the website professionals, and we like to keep this process as simple as possible so you don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff.  We’ll do everything from choosing and setting up your domain, designing and building the perfect website for your company and setting up your website hosting.  All you need to do is approve each step.


We offer 3 types of websites that should cover everyones needs:

A Landing Page or a Lead Page

The purpose of a landing page is to provide specific information related to your advertisement campaigns.

The idea is to provide a more detailed description about your product or service, then collect the information you need from the customer.


A Standard Website or Information Website

This type of website is design to provide information about your business.  This is a basic online presence that every business should have just so that people know that you exist.

A basic website should tell your potential customers who you are, what you do, and how to get in contact with you.


An E-Commerce Website or an Online Shop

An E-Commerce Website is an online shop, Mint websites use a shopping cart & checkout process, which allows your customers to add multiple products to a cart, then go to the checkout to pay.  We can also customise this process to allow your customers to pay for a service or even to accept ongoing subscription payments for a product or service.

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