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On-page SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO is an important factor in achieving your long term digital goals. SEO is quite in-depth as there are so many areas that can be optimised in order to help rank well in search engines.

We offer an on page SEO service, researching the most relevant keyword phrase for each page on your website, writing title tags, meta descriptions and image alt text. We will also resize images to help with page speed.

Many businesses have tried to cheat search engines using black hat techniques and although this may help your business in the short term you will likely end up down the ranks with the next algorithm update, and therefore destroying your digital income.

The rule of thumb is to write your content for the user. Search engines just want to show the most relevant content to their users based on the keywords that they are searching. If your content is relevant to your business and your customers, you are more likely to get the right visitors to your digital platform.

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